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The Astropreneurship Awards

The Astropreneurship Awards are part of SSPI’s global Better Satellite World campaign. The campaign educates students seeking a career, regulators overseeing the industry and future customers on the immense contributions of space and satellite commercialization to the lives of every human being on the planet. It makes the cast that satellite is an indispensable industry that saves lives, improves quality of life, grows the economy and helps manage the major challenges facing the world today. The Astropreneurship Awards honor entrepreneurs who make our world a better place using space and satellite technologies while creating vital, growing businesses in the process.

2018 Recipients - New York

SSPI presented the inaugural Astropreneurship Awards to 3 recipients at the first annual Astropreneurship Day in New York City:

GLADOS (Glint Analyzing Data Observation Satellite) is the first satellite designed and built by the team at the University of Buffalo’s Nanosatellite Laboratory, located in Amherst, New York. A succession of graduate & undergraduate student teams have worked for the past six years on behalf of the USA Air Force Research Lab, NASA and Moog from conception to eventual – scheduled for some time during the next 24 months – launch of a cubesat. Read More

Ragnarok Industries is one of the best new businesses in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – which is saying something, as the neighborhood is a hotbed for tech startups. Ragnarok has built a nanosat company, now operational and with a client base, that will deliver polar broadband service via its Hiemdallr satellite. Led by Luigi Ballarini, the young company is already embracing the SSPI spirit. Read More

Will Porteous, General Partner & COO, RRE Ventures. RRE Ventures is a New York-based venture capital firm. They have a reputation as open-minded and thoughtful investors that encompass independent perspectives. During his nearly 20 years in the industry, Will and his team at RRE Ventures have invested in a range of higher risk ventures that cover the entire ecosystem of our industry, including Spire, Spaceflight & Ursa. Read More