GLADOS (Glint Analyzing Data Observation Satellite) is the first satellite designed and built by the team at the University of Buffalo’s Nanosatellite Laboratory, located in Amherst, New York. A succession of graduate & undergraduate student teams have worked for the past six years on behalf of the USA Air Force Research Lab, NASA and Moog from conception to eventual – scheduled for some time during the next 24 months – launch of a cubesat. Its mission is to study light data and to classify space debris from “glint events,” as well as to characterize the size, shape and material properties of the debris. The data it provides will be used to protect GEO space and improve situational awareness of space.  It is also the first step toward being able to truly measure the debris problem in all orbits, at all sizes, so that other innovators can do something about it.  Parts of the mission are classified.

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