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Abiodun Ogunbiyi

President, CEO, Founder and Engineer, Aerospace Palace International

Abiodun is an American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics Educator Associate, a motivational speaker, Space Foundation Teacher Liaison Officer, Queen Elizabeth Engineering Ambassador, a member of the European Space Board and researcher with a degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Ibadan. Early in his career, he introduced SMS Pro Aviation safety management into the Nigerian aerospace market. An integrated solution that facilitates aviation operations, SMS Pro Aviation allows for easy, real-time report generation, automated alerts and improved transparency throughout the market. Abiodun founded Aerospace Palace International Nigeria, Aerospace Palace Academy Nigeria and an online Aerospace Radio Nigeria to promote aerospace and STEM education among youths in Nigeria, to provide job opportunities and raise quality future leaders in the aerospace industry. The Aerospace Palace International received accreditation from the UK International Youth Federation in 2018 and became a commitment partner of the Texas Institute of International Education’s Study Abroad program in the following year and was further inducted as a member of the European Alliance for Innovation in 2019.

Continuing his path of advocacy in 2018, Abiodun was invited by the African Union to be a participant in the annual Innovating Education in Africa Expo based on his Aerospace Palace projects. He was also one of four experts from Nigeria invited to the annual Expert Meeting for the United Nations Office for Outer Space in the same year. Abiodun has been a reviewer and expert for NASA since 2016 and prior to this, he served as an online judge for the Annual NASA Astrobiology School Debate among schools and Universities in United States of America. He developed a curriculum of more than sixty-five lessons for the Nigerian educational system to help train future aerospace experts. Abiodun is currently working with various government entities to publish his company’s Aerospace Micro-Lesson curriculum and distribute it to major libraries and schools throughout Nigeria.

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