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NXT Communications Corporation

About NXT Communications Corporation

NXT Communications (NXTCOMM) is empowering connectivity, with a proven agile ground segment and a service vision that unleashes true connectivity and business value to the mobility world. 
We are commercializing proven fragmented aperture technology that will revolutionize connectivity to commercial aero and other mobility markets. 

Our technology, already military flight proven, will be the first affordable electronically steered antenna ground solution to accommodate any form factor for true broadband on the move. 

Our breakthrough ground solution is just the beginning. NXTCOMM’s seasoned team also brings a services vision to help companies tap into the true value of connectivity.   
Low-risk, efficient antenna technology. A better implementation model.  A new services delivery vision. That’s NXTCOMM.  Are you ready for what’s next?

  • 103 Heather Court
  • Ball Ground, GA, 30107