Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson is currently pursuing a major in Aerospace at Perdue School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He has dedicated himself to satellite design throughout his school career, taking the lead in a number of projects in his Aerospace Structures course. Michael was also the project lead for the SEDS-USA 2016 satellite design competition at Perdue that sought to identify the challenges to solar power collection satellites. The project was a 10 month endeavor, and Michael’s team of four were declared the winners at the end of the competition. This work also led to Michael presenting a poster and leading a workshop session at SpaceVision 2016, the SEDS-USA annual student conference. Also in 2016, he led a team working on a spacecraft design project for the National Institute of Aerospace Big Idea Challenge. Michael’s scholarship will help fund the rest of his studies at Perdue, where he intends to focus on imaging, data collection studies and global connectivity.

Michael received a scholarship from SSPI in 2017.

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