Bryan Chan

Bryan Chan is the co-founder and president of Night Crew Labs, an engineering technologies and creative media company that specializes in high-altitude balloon projects. Since its founding, the company has achieved many successes, including sending a DSLR camera over San Francisco, California and imaging the aurora borealis from the stratosphere with a high-altitude balloon sent up over Alaska. The company is also focused on promoting STEM outreach to the next generation via talks and seminars, many of which Bryan delivers himself. Before co-founding Night Crew Labs, Bryan worked as a project manager and systems engineering lead for Space Systems Loral, an aerospace company specializing in designing and building geostationary communications satellites. He served as lead for a first-of-its-kind rideshare program called Phoenix that was funded by DARPA. With the help of his SSPI scholarship, Bryan furthered his studies and STEM outreach by attending the International Space University’s graduate-level summer program in 2017. He plans to attend additional post-graduate business and entrepreneurial classes at Stanford as well.

Bryan received a scholarship from SSPI in 2017.

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