In this sixth episode of the Risk podcast series, SSPI Director of Development and Innovation Lou Zacharilla speaks with Yotam Ariel, founder and CEO of Bluefield Technologies. This podcast series explores the various types of risks inherent in the industry and in life – risks that speak to innovation, hard work and leaning into fear. In this conversation, Yotam talks talks about how satellite data can help companies make the right decisions about climate change by providing timely data and analysis.

Yotam Ariel is the CEO of Bluefield Technologies, a company he founded 4 years ago. Bluefield Technologies provides customers with independent, direct and timely methane emissions data so that they can make the best decisions with the best information possible. Using its BFX2 Advanced Emission Detection Algorithm, the company continuously analyzes satellite data around the world and offers actionable insights at an unprecedented speed, scale and low cost. Customers can simply subscribe to receive alerts and analytics. Before founding Bluefield Technologies, Yotam was the founder and CEO of Bennu Solar, which produced a range of clean energy systems and deployed them in Africa, providing modern electricity to tens of thousands of people and reducing greenhouse gases. He is a graduate of Xiamen University with a Bachelor's in Business and Chinese.




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