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In the July Roundtable we bring together industry heavyweights who share a common exercise, or practice. Each meditates and has discovered great lessons through the insights it brings. As we expand our space-faring capacity and venture further and longer into space, the concept of time, our longing for home, and whatever else we create or find created already will surely require new adaptive tools. And the only place that adapts in the human species, as each wisdom tradition has taught us for centuries, is the mind.

This Roundtable will do a few interesting things that make a nod to the arrival of Summer and the time when we slow the thrusters and find time to do deeper learning and broaden our perspective.  One of the primary truths of learning and ESPECIALLY learning in the commercial space and satellite industry, is that it is an endless endeavor. No narcotic expands the mind like learning about space, satellites and the power of the individual to find their strengths not “out there,” but “in here.” We are in a moment in time when we must shift spiritual orbits. Take giant leaps that will help us adapt to the transformations to civilization, both at home and beyond.

Our guests include:

  • Nicole Stott, Astronaut and Author: Back to Earth
  • Frank White, Author: The Overview Effect, The New Camelot, The Cosma Hypothesis
  • Steven Wolfe, President and Co-founder, Beyond Earth Institute; and Partner, CWSP International
  • Jason Rainbow, Senior Staff Writer, SpaceNews
  • Debra Werner, Silicon Valley Correspondent, SpaceNews


20 Jul 2022
12:00pm - 1:15pm EDT

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  • Online via Zoom

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