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This a joint meeting between SSPI-SE / SMPTE / SBE

Ben Creese, Jampro 
Mark Fehlig, Jampro

The now concluded FCC DTV Channel auction and subsequent repack channel assignments put into play a multi-year plan/project to rechannel approximately 1000 full power DTV stations. More opportunities are added for channel sharing and LPTV/translator operations into the future. This channel changing may require multiple antenna and tower modifications such as broadband full channel slot antennas to minimize tower loading. Additional intrigue is added by a closely scheduled adoption of a channel incompatible transmission update called ATSC3, a successor to the 20 year old ATSC1 now on the FCC broadcast DTV airwaves. The FCC intends to allow ATSC3 transmission on a voluntary basis and the chase is on to make this a commercial success. ATSC3 is the newest of digital video and data payload transmission systems and incorporates upgrades to adaptable OFDM modulation, SFN (single frequency network) coverage advantages, IP transport, 4K HEVC Video, AC4 Immersive audio and more.

The international terrestrial broadcast community has long used OFDM from the earliest of the EBUs DVBT and now T2 standards. Such an OFDM based standard is best positioned for SFN operations and is quite similar to the new ATSC3 standard. Similarities to international SFN networks and the additional crest factor transmitter headroom to run with ASTC3 is basic to DVBT2 requirements and so compared.

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Where - Location:

WSB TV Studios 
1601 W Peachtree St NE 
Atlanta, GA 30309

Monday - 10/23/2017

6:30pm - 7:00pm -- Dinner 
7:00pm - 9:00pm -- Presentation

Cutoff Date for Registration - Monday, October. 23th @ 12:00pm

$12.00 (inc. Eventbrite fees) contribution to the SSPI-SE Scholarship Fund.

Students are always invited free of charge.

Contact Dick Tauber, SSPI-SE VP of Programs, with any questions.
404.428.2485 |

23 Oct 2017
7:00pm - 9:00pm EDT

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  • WSB TV Studios 1601 W Peachtree St NE Atlanta, Georgia 30309