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Putting a CAP on Climate Change

Learn how nations in the EU are benefiting from the fusion of multi-orbit, public and private satellite data to meet ambitious climate goals for farmers.

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Invisible, Indispensable Infrastructure

The world is supported by infrastructure that no one can see. It keeps computers and communication networks running, detects hurricanes and wildfires, tracks methane and carbon emissions. And we go nowhere without it. It guides ships and planes, cars and homes. It battles disease and helps take a bite out of crime. This infrastructure consumes little or no concrete or asphalt and few steel beams for support, yet it circles the entire planet. It is the network of communication and observation satellites. This is the podcast series of the Invisible, Indispensable Infrastructure campaign. In the fifth episode, we hear from Jonathan Baliff, Chief Financial Officer at Redwire Space, which recently received the 2024 Business Award from the Luxembourg-American Chamber of Commerce, becoming the first space and satellite company to receive this honor.

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