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SSPI South East is pleased to present our next Chapter Program Meeting in conjunction with the GA Tech School of Aerospace. We have an ultra compelling topic that you should not make the mistake of missing out on, as this is a unique and special opportunity to learn the fundamentals and the amazing engineering ingenuity of what 10 x 10 x 10 centimeter boxes can do and will do in the future.

Your guides are the students and faculty of the Cubesat Lab at GA Tech School of Aerospace, led by Professor Glenn Lightsey, who has pulled all kinds of strings to host the meeting at GA Tech, and to get clearance for our group to get a behind the scenes look inside the Cubesat Laboratory itself.


Program Agenda for Wednesday 20th February 2019:

5:00-5:30 pm: GAGASOP, aka Gathering and Grabbing A Slice Of Pizza!

5:30-6:15 pm: ‘The Fundamentals of Cubesats’ Presentation by Prof Lightsey and Team in Guggenheim 442 Lecture Theater – Duration 45 minutes

6:15-7:00 pm: Cubesat Lab Tour and Q&A – Duration 45 minutes

7:00-7:05 pm: Return to Guggenheim – Close of formal program

7:05-7:35 pm: Informal Open Floor Group Q&A or small Group Q&A and Networking Time


Please bring all your questions, but we intend to cover all of the areas bulletized below, so that you will go home after the event as a world authority on

Cubesats and being on first name terms with the ‘inside team’ at the heart of Cubesat Academia and Research, ground zero, right here in Midtown Atlanta at The Georgia Institute of Technology School of Aerospace.


Topics to be covered:

  • Definitions of Cubesats – LEO – How launched
  • CubeSat History – first referred to – launched etc.
  • GTSAE History with Cubesats – GTSAE Curriculum – Goals of GTSAE
  • Show & tell with Grad Students explaining their projects, as appropriate and available – If possible examples to hand around, or on display at lectern at least.
  • Cubesat Bus Sub-Systems: propulsion, attitude control, thermal, flight dynamics
  • Cubesat Payloads: Experiments, Communications Packages
  • Careers in Cubesats, present and future.
  • Regional Cubesat Companies or Facilities or Places of Interest.
  • Resources and References Handout for post event
  • Conclusion – What’s next in the Cubesat world? Swarm Constellations, Commercial Cubesat applications.
  • Q&A on Cubesats

20 Feb 2019
5:00pm - 7:35pm EST

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  • 270 Ferst Drive Atlanta, GA 30332