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Satellites Improve Life

World Space Week is a UN-declared celebration of space held annually, every October 4 to 10. It is the largest space event on Earth, with over 8,000 events reported in 2019 and held in 96 countries. These events are organized by thousands of organizations, including space agencies, aerospace companies, astronomy clubs and museums.

Every year, World Space Week Association selects a theme as a guidance for celebration. Our 2020 World Space Week is dedicated to satellites and their broad benefits under the theme “Satellites improve life.” With this theme, the World Space Week will show the importance of satellites in daily life and how our lives are affected by satellites such as in communications, environmental monitoring, transportation, weather forecasting, telemedicine, science, and in many other ways.

Space & Satellite Professionals International has been developing content on this theme for our Better Satellite World campaign since 2016, and we are proud to share it with World Space Week to increase understanding of how much of our modern life depends on the invisible, indispensable technology of satellite.


Is There a Satellite Inside?

Every day, you put satellites to work – at home, at school and on the road – and you don’t even know it. Aimed at middle and senior high school students, this video asks a series of questions about the satellites “hiding in plain sight” around the Earth, working behind the scenes to bring you television, weather updates and even breakfast. Download the script.

The Road to Space

Hundreds of years ago, the nations of Europe sent explorers around the world to hunt for things of value: gold and silver, spices and new kinds of food. That’s what we do in space today. We explore and learn amazing things about our universe. And we do a lot of other things that make your life on Earth better every day. Download the script.

The World’s Missing Girls

Plan International is one of the world’s largest nonprofits fighting for children’s rights and equality between women and men. It works with communities to tackle the fundamental reasons why girls and women go missing. Download the script.

Satellite Keeps the Lights On

Flip a switch and amazing things happen. Each flip of the switch is a small miracle, brought to you by billions in investment, the hard work of millions and satellites circling the earth far out of sight, helping to make life electric. Download the script.

When Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes, the connections fail. The connections to family and friends, to vital services, to those waiting for rescue – all gone. Without connections, how do you start responding? You start with satellite. Download the script.

Satellite to the Rescue

Sat phones are mobile or land-based phones that link directly with a satellite in orbit. Every day, without fanfare, sat phones and other portable satellite technology save lives at sea, in deserts and on mountaintops. They rescue vital machinery in far-flung locations from breakdown. They even help ease disasters of the heart. Download the script.

The Highway and the Skyway

When you talk on the phone, go online or watch TV, you probably don’t think about how it works. But behind the faraway voices, the apps and the shows, there is a network made of wires and switches, radios, glass fibers and lasers, computers and servers, antennas on the ground and satellites in the sky. It’s also made of people who work in places called teleports. Download the script.

The Final Battle to End Polio

In 1988, a meeting of the World Health Assembly set a mind-boggling goal: to eradicate the ancient scourge of polio. It was an audacious goal – but 24 years later, the number of polio cases worldwide had fallen by more than 99 percent, saving more than 10 million children from paralysis. Download the script.

How Satellites Put a Better Wine in Your Glass

Growing grapes for wine depends on a deep and intimate knowledge of what the French call the terroir: how the region’s soil, climate and terrain affect the taste of the grapes grown there and the quality of the wine. Winemakers rely on two space-based technologies for precision viticulture: satellite imaging and global positioning by satellite, better known as GPS. Download the script.

The Magic of Satellite

Almost everything you do has a little bit of satellite inside. But you can’t see it. This technology is invisible – like magic. It is also indispensable, and our way of life would vanish without it. Today, we are on the verge of a revolution in satellite – with new technologies, new businesses and new ideas about what satellite can do. Download the script.

Filling Up Your Car By Satellite

When you start your car in the morning or cook your dinner at night, chances are a satellite is helping you do it. Oil and gas wells may depend on “roughnecks” to man the heavy equipment, but decisions about where to explore and how to produce are driven by Big Data. “Digital oilfield” technology finds energy sources we could never find before. Download the script.