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Product Details
With the SSPI-WISE logo and the blue space background, this scarf is your ultimate, must-have identifier to be a proud woman in the satellite and space industry. It’s also your ticket to be part of a great community of women to engage.
Elegantly-designed and 100% silk, the SSPI WISE scarf adds the final touch and makes you look fabulous, whether it's for a gala, business meeting, your upcoming LinkedIn photo session, an international flight or a walk in the park.
You will love the flexibility and ways to wear this accessory: a hair tie or headscarf, draped off the handle of a handbag, or the very classic tie around your neck . At 21x21 inches (53x53 cm), you will enjoy the comfort and versatility of this scarf.

As we begin meeting and engaging with each other live again, we are sure that our SSPI-WISE scarves will ensure that, we’ll see each other at the next industry event. Proceeds of sales support SSPI-WISE mentorship and scholarship activities.

To expand your network and connect with other great women in our industry, we encourage a bulk order to either surprise your colleagues, business partners or find the perfect birthday gift for a close industry friend. Order 5 of more scarves and get a 10% discount!

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