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SSPI Board of Directors - New Members

In 2021, the membership of SSPI elected eight new Directors to the Board. Each new director will serve for one three-year term beginning on July 1. Get to know our newest Directors here:

Julie Bettinger

Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications, ST Engineering iDirect

ST Engineering iDirect provides satellite communications technology and solutions to the world’s top providers. Julie is an accomplished executive whose marketing and communications strategies have driven significant growth in revenue and market share. Joining iDirect in 2007, she established a marketing strategy and team that more than doubled revenues over a decade resulting in a market leadership position. Prior to iDirect, she served as vice president of marketing for the Americas at Tandberg.

Josef Bogosian

Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, Commercial Satellites, Boeing

Boeing has six decades of experience providing advanced space and communications systems for commercial, military and scientific uses. Josef (Joe) has global responsibility for sales and marketing of commercial satellites. Since joining Boeing in 2008, he has worked in multiple engineering and business development positions within Boeing’s Space and Launch and Phantom Works organizations.

Negar Feher

Vice President, Business Development, Momentus

Momentus is developing a “space tug” to transport payloads between orbits. Negar is an enthusiastic engineer turned to product/proposal management and business development. She joined Momentus in 2018. Over more than 15 years in the industry, she has worked in business development and program management at Space Systems Loral and in mechanical test and thermal engineering positions at Lockheed Martin.

James Hinds

CEO, Airbus OneWeb Satellites

Airbus OneWeb Satellites is a joint venture between Airbus and OneWeb that designed and is manufacturing the OneWeb constellation.  James was named CEO in 2021 after serving as COO since 2019. Prior to joining the company, he spent four years with Airbus Defence and Space in Toulouse, France, where he was responsible for strategic planning of its Space Systems business. Before that, he worked with Airbus and Boeing in satellite engineering, production and project management.

Marie-Pierre Pluvinage

Director, Business Development, Connected Intelligence, Airbus US Space & Defense

Airbus US Space and Defense offers advanced solutions to complex US defense, space and security requirements. Prior to joining Airbus in 2013, Marie-Pierre served as director of communications for the Satellite Industry Association, in corporate communications for EuropeStar, as an assistant space attache for CNES, the French space agency, and in the Intelsat VI program office.

James Trevelyan

Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Enterprise, Speedcast

Speedcast is a global communications and IT service provider serving the maritime, energy, mining, media, telecom, cruise, NGO, government and enterprise sectors. A member of the executive committee, James leads the enterprise business unit of the company. Prior to joining Speedcast in 2018, he served in multiple senior management positions at Arqiva and key account management for Nortel Networks.

Mark Witsaman

Vice President, Product Engineering, Globalstar

Globalstar is a leading provider of satellite IoT, mobile connectivity, asset tracking and equipment monitoring.  Mark is an experienced engineering manager with an extensive background in satellite, telecommunications, maritime, IoT and electronic manufacturing. Prior to joining Globalstar in 2020, he served for nearly 20 years as CTO of the maritime business unit of Inmarsat, of Globe Wireless and of Seawave.

Elias Zaccack

Executive Vice President, Global Sales, SES

SES is one of the world’s largest satellite communications operators, with a unique GEO and MEO fleet of more than 70 spacecraft. Elias leads SES Networks’ global commercial efforts to provide GEO and MEO connectivity solutions for mobility, government, telco, MNOs and cloud service providers. He has advanced through sales and business development positions at SES Americom, SES World Skies and SES Global since 2002.

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