Kendall Moore Jr.

O. Kendall Moore Jr. is currently in his first year of a master’s program in computer science at Mississippi State University after receiving his Bachelor of Science in computer science from the University of Southern Mississippi Honors College. He has always been fascinated with satellites and humanity’s future in space, or as he puts it “the ability to turn science fiction into fact.” Kendall has worked tirelessly throughout his life to overcome the many barriers to traditional learning he was born with, among them ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome. He hopes to use that experience to help develop a new generation of tools for assessment, communication, and education within the satellite and computer science fields and others. During his college years, Kendall has interned in the private sector, with NOAA at NASA’s Stennis Space Center, with ORNL, and as a GRA, and he is applying to NASA again to work on satellite and CubeSat projects. His ideal future job would be working with NASA to support a satellite team or teams with data organization, analysis, and graphical depiction. 

Kendall received a scholarship from SSPI’s Southeast Chapter in 2016.

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