Anne Aryadne Bennett

Anne Aryadne Bennett is currently an engineer in the Advanced Technology Lab at Orbital Sciences Corporation. She began working for Orbital right after her undergraduate studies and has been pursuing a Masters degree in Astronautical Engineering at USC while serving as an engineer. Anne has found her niche in Research and Development work, particularly in conceptual design and pre-PDR proof-of-concept testing. During her four years at Orbital, Anne has worked on a number of very successful projects, prompting one customer to claim that “The Orbital Customer Team is doing the most innovative work in space.” In the future, she hopes to contribute to Friedman’s concept of “a free world and a flat world” by designing technologies such as more capable small satellites and tackling the orbital debris problem to bring satellite Internet technology to the whole world. Anne’s SSPI Scholarship will help her to finish her Masters degree and help to fund her pursuit of a PhD in Aerospace Engineering next year. 

Anne received a Scholarship from SSPI in 2016.

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