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Liftoff: Careers in Satellite, the World's First and Most Successful Space Industry

There is a lot of talk these days about the space business. It may be about new and cheaper ways to launch rockets. Or maybe it's about space planes like SpaceshipOne, spaceports being built in the desert, or space tourism and space hotels. It's all good stuff. But when it comes to real business in space, there is only one: the satellite business. It's the only one that makes money today and has been making money for decades.

If the satellite business sounds like an interesting place to start a career, you're in the right place. In the pages of Liftoff, you can learn about the industry, the kind of careers it offers, the qualifications they require, and the best ways to get a career started. It's all available on, in print and kindle editions.

Liftoff was researched and written by Dan Freyer, Adwavez Marketing, and edited by Robert Bell and Orly Konig-Lopez.

Copyright 2010 by the Society of Satellite Professionals International, Inc.

We would like to thank the following individuals for the generous donation of their time and expertise to the writing of this guide.

  • Julie Bettinger, iDirect
  • Derek Edinger, Space Systems/Loral
  • Anna Fry, Harris CapRock Communications
  • Chris Hoeber, Space Systems/Loral 
  • Jonas Johnson, Economic Research Institute
  • Valierie Junger, Space Systems/Loral
  • Nikola Kromer, iDirect
  • Wendy Lewis, Space Systems/Loral
  • Cheryl Nishimura, DIRECTV
  • Melodee Paul, Keystone Enterprise Services
  • Tony Roberts, Disney
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