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Technology Development & Applications (2004)

TANDBERG Television

In the private sector, SSPI recognizes TANDBERG Television for its development of compression technology that makes possible an unprecedented level of flexibility, without sacrificing quality, in satellite-based newsgathering. The growth in the use of satellite videophones and IP links in newsgathering has resulted in poor video quality becoming commonplace in TV news. TANDBERG Television’s E5745 Voyager encoder, developed in cooperation with Vocality International, is an integrated encoder, modulator, demodulator and decoder that uses industry-standard RF systems to transmit high-quality video at very low data rates, typically 1.2 Mbps. As a full duplex system, it makes possible bi-directional interviews and can also deploy 8 voice/fax channels, serial data and Internet traffic as well as compressed video over L-band. Developed originally for NBC News to support its pioneering mobile coverage of the second Iraq War, the E5745 has won rapid acceptance among broadcasters, with more than 130 units sold since May.


Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization

In the public sector, SSPI recognizes the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), an R&D organization owned by the Australian government, for development of its MultiBeam antenna. The MultiBeam antenna uses two reflectors and a variety of feeds to provide both transmit and receive capability, in multiple frequency bands, to multiple satellites not only in geostationary orbit but also in inclined orbit. In June 2001, SES Astra began a commercial trial of the MultiBeam system at its Betzdorf, Luxembourg teleport. Three antennas were deployed to access satellites across 110 degrees of the geostationary arc, taking the place of the equivalent of 20 satellite earth stations. The antennas have operated successfully with no outages or technical issues, and CSIRO is now in discussions with industry partners to fully commercialize the potential of the innovative new system. CSIRO is active in astronomy, satellite and space communications, wireless technologies and advanced network systems and a broad range of industry domains including health, agriculture, mining etc. 

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