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Systems Development & Applications (2004)


In the private sector, SSPI recognizes NDS for fifteen years of innovation in conditional access systems for satellite broadcasting. Since its founding by Dr. Abe Peled in 1988, NDS has developed the first removable/replaceable conditional access solution (i.e., smart cards); the first analog conditional access system (for BSkyB in 1990); the first digital conditional access system (for DirecTV in 1994); the first fully integrated satellite-PVR technology (for BSkyB in 2001); and the first secure content protection for commercial broadband service (Yahoo Broadband in Japan). NDS has also developed an emergency alert system — AlertStorm — that works with any existing or planned digital broadcasting system and was designed for emergency response workers and the general public. Today, the company is the world leader in providing conditional access systems for satellite broadcasting and a leading innovator of digital pay-TV technology, interactive applications, personal TV and secure broadband solutions. Its Videoguard conditional access system now has more than 30 platform customers, including the major DBS and DTH service providers in the US, Europe and Asia. 


The Global Positioning Satellite System

In the public sector, SSPI recognizes the Global Positioning Satellite space navigation network. First deployed in the 1980s, the network is now an essential service platform that helps aircraft land and take off and provides coordination for ground-based transportation systems. Data networks worldwide use signals from the GPS network to synchronize the system clocks that control their operations. Monitoring and sensing systems for energy plants, pipelines and systems that monitor water levels and earthquake danger depend on GPS. In the past decade, GPS has even become the basis of popular consumer products and in-car driver navigation and safety systems. From national defense, to transportation, to energy, to banking, to farming and emergency warning and recovery, GPS and related GIS systems provide vital support and assistance to millions of people each day. With next-generation space-based navigation systems now being planned, it is appropriate for SSPI to salute the organization that created the original, revolutionary system. GPS was the creation of the US Department of Defense. The system was developed and deployed for US DOD by Rockwell International.

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