Connect to Opportunity

SSPI works to build the long-term capacity of the satellite industry for growth

We provide opportunities that no individual company could pursue in a competitive market.  Our industry must find new categories of customers, attract and empower the best talent in technology and achieve breakthroughs in cost-effectiveness and reach.   The solution starts when we come together over a common mission.  

How Satellites Make a Better World

An industry wide campaign to demonstrate the immense value that satellite contributes to the world economy, human welfare, safety and security, and our understanding of the planet we live on.  Satellite professionals know it - but too many people think of satellite only when they see a news story about a launch failure or a natural disaster where satellite is the last resort for communications. Lack of awareness has tangible results: regulatory assault on our spectrum, lack of government funding for satellite solutions to the digital divide, the customers in new markets who will never give satellite a try.  More

Workforce Study

SSPI conducts the only multi-company, international study of the industry workforce as part of a project to win the global war for talent in a competitive technology space.  More