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Space For All - 20 Under 35 Cohort Service project

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Space and Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) is planning a series of podcasts under the series title “Space for All,” which will be a 5 – 7-part podcast of the Better Satellite World series of podcasts.


The multi-part series will explore the question of inclusion: exploring the ways in which we make space and satellite accessible as a service, as a technology and as an idea. Who benefits from space and satellite? Who will participate in the new space economy?  Who will lead? How do we ensure the ongoing cultivation of talent from every segment of humanity, so that our space and satellite future is truly for all of us?


The 20 Under 35 2020 Cohort will contribute financially to the series, and will also record a teaser video, each of them reflecting on the meaning of the idea of "space for all."

Funded: $970.00
Goal: $2,000.00