New Century Workforce Webinar Series

In this free webinar series, begun in September, 2016, we explore talent recruitment and management issues in the satellite industry. Human resource executives and those who manage and assess employees can attend to discuss the changing market, share their expertise with others in the industry, and learn from our guest speakers.


Hiring Practices of New Space Companies

September 2017

The ambitious plans and rock star ambiance of new companies have caught the imagination of young people and made space and satellite cool again. What can incumbents learn from emerging companies and what can emerging companies learn from the experience of incumbents? MORE

The First 100 Days - Turning New Hires into “Keepers”

May 9, 2017

The first 100 days in a new job have an outsized ability to set expectations and steer an employee’s future. In this webinar, you heard from Scott Drach, VP, Human Resources for Defense, Space & Security (BDS) at Boeing and Douglas Maxfield, Senior Partner at Korn Ferry. MORE

Disruptors in the Talent Market

September 22, 2016

As new and disruptive companies enter the satellite and space business, they are having a big impact on business as usual. In this webinar, you heard from Korn Ferry’s sector leader for satellites and space, Clarke Havener, on the changing talent market. MORE